About Me

I’m Belle.

I Am a born creative. At the age of 3, my earliest makeover was documented, my little friend Joy being the subject. I’ve basically been beauty minded since birth, but the obsession became real during my teenage years. At 14, I made friends with Beth at the MAC counter in Salt Lake City. She fostered my talent, told me to charge for my services, and make it a business. It was during these teen years that I named my business; Belle’s Beauty Box was born. Beth became my makeup mentor for a few years. She convinced me that being a professional makeup artist was a real possibility, and she saw a light in me that nobody else was noticing. At 18, I took my four years of experience to Los Angeles and went to makeup school at MUD, Make Up Designory, while hoping to “make it big” in the music industry. I learned how to hustle during that time period and was booked assisting a key makeup artist on a World War II era film the day after I graduated makeup school. I did film after film for the next year and started free lancing for MAC while doing bridal makeup a few weekends a month. I quickly learned that adding hair services to my skills would be extremely helpful in the beauty industry, so I started Cosmetology school at a small place in Los Angeles in 2004. Shortly after, I got sick and Dr’s discovered a cyst on my adenoids. I couldn’t sing, and had to move home to Idaho. After my adenoidectomy and tonsilectomy became infected, I was silenced for one month. It was during that time that I decided to serve a LDS mission, but I had to wait a year to turn 21, so I went back to school. I managed the Clinique counter while studying Vocal Performance at Idaho State University. For the next few years, I traveled around doing makeup as much as I could. It became clear that helping women better express their beauty through hair and makeup was more fulfilling than any other beauty work I had done.


So I went back to hair school, this time in Salt Lake City. I worked at Sephora through hair school and stayed employed there for three years, while beginning a hair career at beautiful Array Salon, downtown SLC. Sephora really gave me the opportunity to teach hundreds of women per week, how to achieve their beauty goals. It was the best hands on experience for me at that time. ?Being the Gemini-soul-searcher that I am, Salt Lake City became boring. It’s GORGEOUS, but too cold for me. Los Angeles was calling me home. Big cities have always been so romantic to me due to the infinite perspectives that reside in them. In 2013, I moved back to Los Angeles. It was one of the best years of my life! I was self employed as a promotional model/brand ambassador while pursuing music full time in my band Belle and the Cardinals. I did some hair and makeup, but mostly, I felt I needed to get away from the beauty industry. I had been consistently dissatisfied with the energy and vibe of it. The gossipy, self-conscious, party environment just wasn’t fulfilling. At that point, I was unsure if beauty would ever excite me the way music does. 2013 ended with my diagnosis of vocal nodes, and I left LA for Idaho, again. The Dr prescribed one month of silence. Who do you know that has practiced 2 months of silence in their life before 30? Try it. It’ll blow your mind! That month was one of the most introspective moments of my life. Much became clear. I began meditating regularly, and practicing yoga. I sought the expertise of reiki healer’s and astrologers. I read chakra healing books and searched for deeper meaning everywhere. I was introduced to crystal healing. Soon there after, I fell in love. The two of us moved to Austin, and my desire to get back into the beauty industry was very strong. But this time, I wanted to bring the universal and spiritual truths I had grown to love so deeply, into my practice. My own journey has impressed strongly upon me that every path is different. The only truth is found in doing exactly what works for YOU. “Do you” became my motto and to this day, my greatest joy is found in convincing women to do and be EXACTLY their own version of beauty.  I’ve always known that my beauty box was like my own little stash of magic. I can’t wait until YOU see!